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X-Men of Sleep: The Mutation You Wish You Had

Author: | Categories: Science 17 Comments
A rare gene mutation allows carriers to wake up bright-eyed and bushy tailed after fewer than six hours of sleep per night – every single night.

Four Smells That Will Change The Way You Sleep

Author: | Categories: Science, Sleep Aids 8 Comments
Sniff sniff... is that the smell of sleep? These odors won't just help you sleep – they'll help perk you up in the morning too.

Could You Survive an Endless Night?

Author: | Categories: Science No comments
What would happen if sunrise never came? How would we sleep? In experiments in caves and bunkers, some sleep researchers found out personally.

Does Sugar Keep You Up at Night?

Author: | Categories: Science 43 Comments
The idea that sugar wakes you up and gives you energy is one of the most common food myths around. The truth about sugar and sleep may surprise you.
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