Clocky: The Alarm Clock that Runs Away

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Snooze button too tempting? Alarm not quite rousing enough? Maybe you need Clocky.

Originally developed by a graduate student at MIT, Clocky is a brand of clock fitted with wheels, allowing it to get mobile. In order to turn it off, the sleeper must get up and chase the clock down (and find it first). By the time they’ve got it, they’re out of bed and awake.

This amazing and original design is ideal for sluggards who like to hit the snooze button a half-dozen times (i.e.: me and everyone I know).

Rather than running away immediately, the Clocky is stationary when the alarm goes the first time. It lies in wait when the snooze button is hit once. But once the snooze button is hit for a second time it springs into action.  Its wheels spin and it launches itself off your bedside table, zooming around the room randomly, avoiding obstacles and at varying speeds.

The ingenious part is that the clock doesn’t sound off while it’s moving. That would make it too easy to catch it. Instead, the clock sneaks away until it finds a new hiding place. Then the alarm sounds with gusto. This makes sure you don’t grab it before it gets a chance to get away.

Heavy-duty design and shock absorbers mean the clock can take a dive off the night stand without problems. Although I do wonder if there’s a chance it might randomly careen towards your sleeping head when goes mobile. Effective, but not a pleasant awakening that would be.

The original prototype of Clocky featured a shag carpet covering, to look like a shaggy pet. This has been abandoned for consumer models in lieu of plastic.

Aside from Clocky, there is also the new version, Tocky, and an alternate design, Ticky. Ticky features an analogue display, rather than the digital display of the others. Tocky is remarkable for its wheel-less mobility. It’s a single sphere outfitted with internal devices that allow it to roll around on its own.

Not only that, but Tocky also comes with a touch sensitive display, and the ability to upload custom alarm sounds (which is a bit fancified for my tastes). Tocky and Ticky work just like Clocky – they’ll roll around and hide before sending out your final alarm call. The smaller, and wheel-free design does make it a lot more practical and attractive for the bedroom.

Be it Tocky or Ticky, the Clocky brand of alarm clocks is sure to get you up and running!

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