The Top Six Sleepiest (and Cutest) Animals

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All animals need sleep, but some need a little more than others. And some look cute as heck doing it. Read on and snuggle up with our top six sleepiest animals.

#6: Sloths

10 hours a day!

zzzzz thbbbb zzzzz

Sloths are some very relaxed critters. How many animals have a name that literally means lazy?

this is one contented little sloth

Even though sloths spend a lot of their day lounging around, they only spend about ten hours a day sleeping.

a sloths satisfyingly sunny siesta

just sleeping upsidedown, no biggie

Researchers used to think that sloths spent a lot more time sleeping – 15 or 16 hours a day. But recent studies show that sloths in the wild spend a lot less time sleeping than those in captivity. Ten hours is enough for these slow-moving tree-huggers.

purely zonked.

#5: Hippos

10 hours a day!

hippo mamma and hippo junior

Hippopotamuses tie with sloths: they also sleep for about ten hours a day.

Call me cute and I'll chomp you

ZZZs in stereo, baby

Cute as they may seem, you wouldn’t want to cuddle up to a sleeping hippo: they are some of the most dangerous animals in the wild!

honk-shoo honk-shoo

#4: Cats

12 hours a day!

gotta kiss those toes

This wouldn’t be a very good list if we didn’t include our favorite fuzzy snoozers: house cats! The average cat will sleep for about twelve hours each day.

The cute. It hurts so good.

Like their cousins the lion and tiger, house cats love to stalk their prey and then quickly pounce in an explosion of energy. But catching your dirty socks is tiring.

Room for one more?

#3: Squirrels

15 hours a day!


All that nut-gathering means that squirrels need a lot of rest: about fifteen hours worth every day!

Peel me a grape, will you?

Squirrels usually sleep in nests built of twigs, leaves, and pine needles, all topped off with some cozy fur.

A squeak or a yawn? I say yawn.

#2: Babies

16 hours a day!

Drool included for free with each nap

That’s right – human babies are some of the sleepiest animals around. In fact, most infants six months or younger will sleep up to 16 hours each day.

Catch all the winks

Sleep is especially important for newborns because they use sleep to develop their brains and process all the new experiences of the day.

Definitely a yawn this time

Even though babies sleep a lot, their parents sure don’t. It’s estimated that new parents will lose 600 hours of sleep in the first year!

I wear the same hat to bed

#1: Koalas

22 hours of sleep every day!

a self-contained sleeper

The undisputed champion of sleep is the koala. Straight out of Australia, the koala can sleep for 90% of the day: twenty-two hours!

Such fuzz!


Koalas mostly eat eucalyptus leaves, a food low in nutrition and high in fiber – plus crammed full of toxins! It’s a myth that eucalyptus leaves make koalas high and sleepy. The leaves just take a whole lot of energy to safely digest, and koalas recharge by sleeping. A lot.

Resist the urge to poke a sleeping koala in the butt

Must... digest... eucalyptus... zzzz


Who care how long they sleep for – we have to make some room for these cute little puppies somewhere.


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