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Does Sugar Keep You Up at Night?

Author: | Categories: Science 43 Comments
The idea that sugar wakes you up and gives you energy is one of the most common food myths around. The truth about sugar and sleep may surprise you.

Real Men Sleep on Rocks

Author: | Categories: Trivia 3 Comments
Rich? Powerful? Part of the ruling elite? Sleeping on a rock pillow is for you. ...At least if you lived thousands of years ago it was.

Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep

Author: | Categories: Health 1 Comment
We've got the skinny on baby sleep, so you can put your little one to bed – and get some rest yourself.

Why Does Coffee Wake You Up?

Author: | Categories: Science, Trivia 13 Comments
We all know coffee will perk us up in the morning. But why? We're going to find out just why the coffee bean does what it does.
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