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Siesta: The Little Nap with a Big History

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Grab your sombrero and hammock, we're going into Siesta town to find out why we siesta, and if the age-old tradition does more harm than good.

The Top 3 Hidden Risks of Too Little Sleep

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Everybody knows that missing sleep can make you tired and grumpy. But there are some risks that could cost you your life.

Six Life-Changing Reasons Never to Cut Down on Sleep

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Maintaining a regular, full sleep schedule is vital to stay healthy and active. If you miss out on proper sleep most nights, then you might face these serious health risks.

Get More Sleep to be Healthier, Happier, Smarter

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If there was a magic pill that could instantly improve your health, your mood, and your memory, would you take it? Most of us don’t. By cutting our sleep hours down, we deprive our bodies of one of the most life-changing resources we have. A little shut-eye could change
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