I am sure it is very creepy to hear somebody next to you talk, especially when they are sleeping. Imagine this, it is in the middle of the night, and you are very relaxed and warm. Suddenly, you hear a voice, saying weird things, right next to you. You will obviously be very afraid of what is happening. You may even get a little tensed, and you will realise that it is your partner saying those words.

A partner who is asleep talking can actually scare you, annoy you, keep you up at night, starkly you and even offend you sometimes; a lot of people have done a lot of research, especially about these things. You have come to the right place. Down below, I have provided a lot of information about it. I have also provided some things that you can do when your partner is sleep-talking.

  1. The first thing you can do is actually understand what is going on. Sleep-talking is very common in children. Among adults, it is far less prevalent, but 5% of grown-ups actually talk in their sleep. It is not as common as a student, but it still exists. People who usually talk in their sleep do not do it every single night, but they do it sometimes. Sleep-talking can actually occur at any stage of sleep, and it happens in a lot of stages as well. Some sleep talkers usually sleep very well, but they don’t even remember what they were speaking while they was snoozing. When the information is revealed to them, they act very surprised, because they are. You should make sure that you properly understand it, and you should make sure that you don’t make them feel bad about it.
  2. Make sure that you investigate it with them. Do not leave them out of it. Sleep-talking is usually harmless for the sleep, but it may become really annoying for the others around them. It can also be a little embarrassing for the person who is doing the sleep-talking. Sleep-talking is not exactly serious, but it can cause some problems. It can mean that the person has a lack of sleep, poor sleep hygiene, anxiety, medications and alcohol use as well. Sleep-talking can also induce sleepwalking. This is linked with disorders like sleep terrors, REM problems, psychiatric issues, nocturnal seizures and more.
  3. You should make sure that the person, your partner, gets treated for it. If your partners sleep talking is something that comes with anxiety, psychological disturbance, fear and more, you should definitely take them to the doctor immediately. You should also make sure that they exercise as often as possible. Exercise is something that definitely heals a lot of human problems.
About the Author Harold Garza

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