In this article, I am going to be discussing all about sleep apnea. It’s actually more than just snoring. Sleep apnea is basically the breakdown of all of the bodies of vital processes, and it is something that literally takes all of your breath away. People who have sleep apnoea have to breathe with the help of sleep apparatus, which means, they will have to use a machine for breathing, especially when they are sleeping.

Sleep apnoea is basically a disorder that will affect the breathing of the sleepers, and it leads them to have irregular breathing and some very long pauses where the person does not breathe at all. These breaks in the breathing or actually known as apneas.

They can span between a couple of seconds to even multiple minutes, and that is why it is very dangerous. It can actually occur every 10 minutes, every five minutes or every two minutes. It is actually included in the more general term of sleep-disordered breathing. This particular term also happens to include low breathing, which is completely characterised by very shallow breaths, also known as a hypopnea.

All of the above being said, the symptoms of sleep apnea are actually quite noticeable, and even if you do not know about it, you should definitely consult a doctor about it because it can be quite dangerous. People with this affliction can actually complain of a lot of fatigue in the daytime and also a lot of lack of concentration. There are many medical professionals who will often prescribe a sleep study so that they can establish what is the underlying causes are.

There is also something called as obstructive sleep apnoea. You need to keep in mind that this is dangerous, and the most common form of sleep apnoea is usually making up almost 84% of all the cases, but obstructive sleep apnoea is a physical obstruction in the airway. This obstruction can cause a lot of problems because it can collapse and block the flow of air.

When a normal human being is sleeping, it is actually normal for the body to relax and completely loose in all of the muscles. In the affected individuals, this would end up leading to the blockage of the flow of air which leads to an apnoea.

For some people, it actually comes from genetic bad luck. Otherwise, it also depends on the muscle tone. For a lot of people, it comes from obesity. The excess tissue ends up creating the material to block the airway, and this causes and apnoea.

  • You should also be concerned about central sleep apnoea.
  • There is another condition called mixed sleep apnoea.

There are a couple of health risks that are involved. Apnoea can actually reduce the oxygen levels that reach the brain. Be on the lookout for stroke, high blood pressure, headaches, irritability, inability to maintain attention and also mental and physical fatigue.


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