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September 14, 2021

Harold Garza

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September 14, 2021

Harold Garza

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What makes you realize that sleeping aids are the right thing for you? Is there any alternative to sleep aids? What are the side effects of taking sleep aids? Questions like these pop up in our heads and in our community many times. That is why were have decided to start a special section dedicated to providing better sleeping solutions that keep you healthy. You need a good sleep today so you can be at your best tomorrow when you wake up!

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Coffee is something that can be consumed in so many ways. It can be consumed with cream, sugar, pressed or just plain black. Coffee happens to be one of the most popular drinks around the world, and millions of people around the world drink it almost every single day. The United States of America even celebrates a day for coffee, known as ‘Coffee Day’, and it is on September 29.

The active ingredient in coffee happens to be caffeine, and it is exactly what gives coffee the kick we need. It also completely depends on the size of the cup, the brewing method, the roast that you are drinking and how fast you end up drinking it.

Did you know that caffeine is also present in cola, teas and some other foods?

The levels of caffeine tend to be higher in coffee. Coffee can have more than double the caffeine amount when compared to tea.

If you want to understand what caffeine exactly dust your brain and your body, you will have to know that it is something that affects your sleep as well. The sensation of sleepiness usually comes in the brain and from a chemical known as adenosine. Unlike carbon dioxide, it is not flushed from the body, throughout the day. As the day goes on, these levels actually start building in your body and then you start feeling sleepy. When you sleep, these levels are finally removed from your system, and the cycle ends up repeating. Caffeine is actually able to have a very profound effect, because it is both water-soluble and soluble in fat as well. This usually allows it to cross easily from the bloodstream and completely into your brain. Once it is that, caffeine starts to work. The molecular structure of caffeine is very similar to adenosine. They actually have the very same shape. Because of this, once the caffeine is in your brain, it can actually bind with these receptors. Since the caffeine molecules are taking up all of the space, there is absolutely no room for the adenosine to bond.

Along with the above, caffeine also speeds of the release of energy from all of the fat cells. This will give you a lot of energy. That is why, a lot of people feel a jolt of energy when they consume one or 2 cups of coffee. The effects don’t exactly stop there. When the drink or food that you consume happens to hit your digestive system, it undergoes a lot of changes as well. It is broken down into other parts, and these parts can have additional effects on the entire body. The caffeine in the coffee is broken down into additional parts, and these have effects like releasing energy into the bloodstream, increasing heart rate and also increasing oxygen flow to the muscles and brain.

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