In this article, I am going to be discussing some of the most adorable and sleepiest animals in the wild. All animals need to sleep, just like all living beings. But, some animals need to sleep more than others. There are some animals that actually go into hibernation more, for a couple of months in a year. Some of them look really cute and snuggled up when they are sleeping.

  1. The very first animal that I would like to talk about is the sloth. That sloth actually sleeps 10 hours a day. Sloths are very relaxed animals, and they are funny and lazy. They spend their days lounging around, and they spend more than 10 hours in a day sleeping. Researchers used to actually think that sloths spent more than 15 hours sleeping, but a recent study shows that 10 hours is more than enough for these slow-moving tree huggers to sleep.
  2. The hippos are the next animal that also sleeps around 10 hours a day. The hippopotamus is a very cute animal that looks adorable when it is sleeping. They are so cute, but they are some of the most dangerous animals in the wild.
  3. The next animal on this list is probably an animal that is in your house right now. Cats sleep for almost 12 hours a day. This is a very cute and fuzzy animal that billions of us absolutely adore. Like their cousins, the lion and the tiger, house cats absolutely love to stop their prey and then quickly pounds at them in an explosion of energy.
  4. Squirrels actually sleep for 15 hours a day. The all-night gathering squirrel, also one of the cutest creatures in the wild, happens to catch at least 15 hours of sleep every single day. They usually sleep in honest that they have built with the help of leaves, twigs and more. They have a very cozy far and are adorable little creatures.
  5. The next one on the list is actually one of the most adorable creatures in all of the world. Human babies are the next ones on the list. I’m talking about most infants who are six months or younger. They actually sleep at least 16 hours a day. Sleep happens to be the most important for newborns, because they use sleep to develop their organs and, mainly, their brains. Even though babies actually sleep a lot, their parents do not. It is estimated that newborn baby parents usually lose more than 600 hours of sleep in the first year of parenthood.
  6. Koala Bears are some of the most adorable creatures in all of Australia. The undisputed champion of sleep happens to be this particular bear. They sleep for 90% of the day which means, they sleep for 22 hours.
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