Do you always remember the side of the bed you woke up on, or does it ever annoy you? This is a question many people might connect to, but the answers are mostly vague because the process is unknown to most individuals. When diving deeper into the minds of the sleeping beauties, many fairies and creative ideas keep popping up. This is a world you may want to enter again, but some minds are complex and dark that the elements within could be appalling. Sleep doesn’t come with just a relaxation mode; it brings the Sandman, Zs, and forty winks along with the feeling to make you fall asleep faster than you can imagine.

You also never know who took you to the other end of the bed. Gibberish during sleep is common in humans, but the weird sayings could become horrifying if the stories and concepts we weave out in our minds come out the wrong, especially if you are sharing your space with someone else. Different sleep sayings have been studies over the years, and they commonly include cat naps, dead to the world, crashing and shut-eye, and nodding off. Let us look at why we talk about sleep in the weirdest ways possible.

The Sandman

Dreams and restful nights are gifts if the Sandman. But who gives him access to our bedrooms, and more importantly, our minds? This character isn’t limited to the fantasy landscapes of North America. Every modern setting will be familiar with the Sandman, who originated from Northern Europe. He brings dreams and deep sleep with him in the form of sand, which is sprinkled into the eyes of the sleepers.

The Sandman is a folklore character that has inspired numerous authors to write stories surrounding this mystery. Most people believe the concept of a Sandman was derived from the real itchy and dry feeling in the eyes when they feel sleepy. This natural process is linked with the fantasy of a man walking over to you to sprinkle sand in the eye. No better explanation validates this fictional theory; child-like thinking may have led most researchers to such conclusions.

Forty Winks

This term refers to a nap and not a deep sleep. As the context is explained, the wink takes center stage to be revealing of its various theories. Deeper thoughts may make you feel that the term ‘wink’ has no connection with sleep. Sleep is indeed one long, two-eyed wink, but there is no batting of an eye happening during the process. On the other hand, forty is simply a number that has no links with the winks. Everyone in the ancient world used to believe the good things happen in the forties, and this is one major reason for tagging sleep with the number before winks. However, in sleep, it means more than the number because in slang, ‘forty’ stands for ‘bunch of.’ This translates to our sleep being considered deep and more than enough for our body.

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