Amidst the pattern of the busy lifestyles in the contemporary world, it becomes necessary to rest each day to ensure that no significant health issues come up and you be fresh for work the next day. But it might be a problem for some to get it, and one of the common reasons for it is insomnia, which is the inability to sleep.

The reason behind it could be anything like irregular sleep schedule, anxiety etc. But whatever the reason it, lack of proper sleep would only further these issues, which might eventually be severe. Thus, it becomes necessary to beat insomnia at the right time so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Below stated are some tips that might help you beat insomnia and have a sound sleep to be fresh when you wake up ultimately.

Avoid blue light

Avoid blue light

In a world marked with technology where phones, computers and other such devices surround us almost all the time, it becomes necessary for people experiencing insomnia to avoid these devices at least a few hours before they go to sleep. It is because these devices emit blue light, which is harmful to the eyes and affect sleep. And while using these devices, you can maybe get some prescribed specs to protect your eyes. Also, you might want to block any source of light by putting on curtains etc., so that your sleep isn’t disrupted.

Take naps

It is suggested to take naps when you feel tired as it will help you re-boost your energy and make you feel relaxed. However, make sure that your rest is around 20 minutes only and not beyond that because if you sleep for long hours in a day, you might end up being sleepless at night again, which won’t be good for your health.

Do not watch the clock

Some people indulge in activities like watching the clock ticking when they couldn’t sleep. However, it is suggested not to do that as that is likely to increase your anxiety levels. Instead, you might want to take up activities like reading a book or any other productive thing that could also make you a bit tired and sleepy.

Allergy-proof bed and mattresses

Make sure that your beds and mattresses are completely allergy-proof and that you are comfortable with them. This sense of comfort will help you fall fast asleep. Also, ensure that you change the mattress at least once a week and does not use it for any household chores on bed.


Neck in a neutral position

Neck pain is one of the common problems which people usually suffer, and it resultantly becomes the reason for sleeplessness as well. In such cases, it is suggested to ensure that your neck stays in the neutral position in line with your body’s centre. A pillow with the right height will help you ensure that you can get better sleep.

About the Author Harold Garza

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