Over the past few years, ‘bed in a box’ mattresses have become a more and more popular option. When consumers shopped in the past for mattresses, they would usually visit a store to take some time browsing the various options on offer in the showroom. However, the internet has made bed-in-a-box mattresses a much more convenient option for many people who prefer to shop online and want to get the best value for their money. Many of the top mattress brands online also offer free delivery within the US, making them an ideal option for most. Let’s take a look at some of the best bed-in-a-box mattress options, the different types available and the various things for you to consider. 

Top Three Mattress in a Box Options:

Cocoon Chill Mattress
Top Pick
Cocoon Chill Mattress

Best For:

  • Hot sleepers who often overheat in bed
  • People who prefer a supportive mattress that’s neither too soft nor too firm
  • All body types and sleep positions
  • People who want a foam mattress
Nolah Evolution 15
#2 Pick
Nolah Evolution 15

Best For:

  • Back sleepers, side sleepers and combo sleepers
  • People who tend to overheat in bed
  • Anyone who wants a luxury mattress
GhostBed Flex Mattress
#3 Pick
GhostBed Flex Mattress

Best For:

  • People who like springy support from their mattress
  • Anybody who doesn’t like the feeling of sinking into the mattress
  • Sleepers who overheat and want a mattress that stays cool

Cocoon Chill Mattress

Type: Foam mattress

Firmness: 6/10 (medium)

Key Features: The Chill Memory Foam mattress is an ideal solution for those who sleep hot and are often waking up sweating and overheated. This is thanks to the unique knit-cover that is designed to keep you cool throughout the night by dissipating heat. 

Best For:

  • People who sleep hot and often overheat in bed
  • People who like a supportive, medium-firmness mattress
  • People who prefer a foam mattress
  • Any body type or sleep position

There are various factors that are considered when deciding if a mattress is perfect for you, but if you are always throwing the blankets off in the middle of the night and waking up uncomfortably warm, the Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress could be the right one for you. The unique stretch-knit cover with ‘phase change’ material dissipates the heat from the bed at night, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable as you sleep. 

This 10” thick mattress offers several layers that work together to provide you with an excellent balance of both support and comfort, along with relieving pressure points on the body. You’ll get plenty of time out of this mattress due to its super durable and long-lasting construction. 

At six out of ten on the firmness scale, it’s neither too soft not too firm, making it perfect for all kinds of sleepers whether you fall asleep on your back, side, or front. The foam will adapt to your body shape, size, and your sleeping position to provide you with a customized experience that’s unique to you. 

This mattress offers great quality at a competitive price and has earned awards for being the best budget option for hot sleepers. It’s delivered for free right to your door and offers a ten-year limited warranty and 100-night sleep trial. 

Nolah Evolution 15

Type: Hybrid mattress

Firmness: 6/10 (medium)

Key Features: This is an ideal mattress for hot sleepers with innovative, high-performance layers of quilted foam that dissipate the heat. It offers a lot of support with excellent pressure relief for those with back problems. 

Best For:

  • Sleepers who overheat at night
  • Any sleep position
  • Luxury mattress buyers
  • Anyone looking for a supportive, medium-firm mattress

This luxury, premium mattress offers some excellent features. If you are a sleeper who tends to overheat at night and often wake up uncomfortably hot and sweaty, this could be the mattress for you. The patented technology used in the Nolah Evolution 15 ensures that you stay cool, comfortable and supported all night long. 

This mattress is at the forefront of sleep technology today, offering an ArcticTex mattress topper providing fantastic thermal conductivity for sleepers who need a little help to stay cool at night. The AirFoam layer helps the cooling process even further by drawing the heat from the top layer. The third layer is made from supportive foam, and finally, the layer of foam-wrapped coils provides additional support and great pressure relief. The mattress also comes with an orthopedic support layer to stabilize the coils and ensure the longevity of the mattress, making it one of the most durable mattress options available right now. 

At six out of ten, this mattress is medium-firm and offers lots of support without feeling either too soft or too firm. Its quilted top layer supports and molds to your body. It’s ideal for any type of bed base and comes with a 120-day free sleep trial. 

GhostBed Flex Mattress

Type: Spring and gel memory foam hybrid

Firmness: 6-7/10 (medium)

Key Features: This luxury hybrid mattress provides you with the best of both springs and memory foam. The gel memory foam contours the body, and supportive coils provide solid support while sleeping. 

Best For:

  • Anyone who prefers a mattress with springy support
  • Sleepers who overheat and want a mattress that will stay cool
  • Anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of sinking into their mattress
  • People looking for a mattress that relieves pressure points
  • Couples with different mattress comfort preferences

If you want a mattress that combines all the comfort of gel memory foam and the support from coils, the GhostBed Flex Hybrid mattress could be perfect for you. All individually wrapped, reinforced coils provide superior support without compromising on comfort thanks to the layer of gel memory foam. You won’t get a sinking feeling when you lie on this mattress; instead, it contours your body and relieves pressure points while offering great support. 

At 13” high, this mattress fits most standard bed frames and regular fitted sheets. There are seven distinct comfort layers features, and a plush quilted cover to top it off, offering optimal airflow to keep you cooler when you are asleep. The reinforced edge support means that you get more for the size of the mattress – you can lie right on the edge without feeling like you are able to roll off. 

It’s more on the firm than the soft side at 6/7 out of 10, making it an ideal choice for couples with different comfort preferences. It is USA-made, offers a huge 25-year warranty, and comes with a sleep trial for 101 nights so that you can really try it out before deciding if it’s right for you. And, it comes with fast, free delivery with your mattress delivered to you in just two to five days. 

The Nectar Mattress

Type: Foam mattress

Firmness: 6/10 (medium)

Key Features: The multiple memory foam layers of this mattress give it excellent comfort and motion isolation. It comes with a lifetime warranty and unique year-long sleep trial. 

Best For:

  • Couples
  • Any sleep position
  • Comfort
  • Great value

If you enjoy the body-conforming support and feel of memory foam mattresses, the Nectar mattress could be ideal for you. This mattress comes with three layers of comfortable, deep memory foam over a core made from high-density foam to give it a comfortable, medium-firm feel. It is suitable for all body types and sleep positions, providing sleepers with the optimal balance of comfort and support. Thanks to the multiple layers of memory foam, it’s particularly good for side sleepers, providing great support for the hips and shoulders. 

Motion isolation is one of the best features of this mattress, making it ideal for couples. It has excellent edge support thanks to the thick high-density core that stretches out right to the edges. On the downside, this mattress might not be the best choice for sleepers who overheat during the night since it can absorb a lot of body heat. 

While it’s cheaper compared to other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar offers excellent construction at great value. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a year-long sleep trial complete with free delivery, making it one of the best bed-in-a-box options on the market for value. 

The Helix Mattress Plus

Type: Hybrid mattress

Firmness: 3/10 (soft), 6/10 (medium firm), or 7/10 (firm)

Key Features: The Helix Mattress offers different firmness options to choose from, allowing you to customize your comfort. It provides an ideal balance of responsiveness and comfort, and is designed to stay cool throughout the night. 

Best For:

  • Sleepers who overheat
  • Couples and singles
  • Anyone looking for a good balance of comfort and responsiveness

The Helix Mattress is one of the best hybrid mattresses available, with an innovative design and various options with something to suit everybody. The hybrid mattress range is made with memory foam or Dynamic Polyfoam with three firmness choices available. Each Helix mattress can also be upgraded to a ‘luxe’ version with a custom topper included. 

They offer various polyfoam models with a bouncy polyfoam surface layer overlaying the pocket cells, which are arranged in a way that provides your body with ultimate support. Great airflow throughout the mattress also helps to keep you cool at night. You can also choose from memory foam models that mold to the body’s shape to provide comfort and support. The top of the pocket cells has a layer of polyfoam to provide even further support. 

All luxe versions of the mattresses come with a plush, thick mattress topper for even more comfortable luxury. The large range of different material options and firmness ratings make the Helix a great choice for sleepers of all sizes no matter what sleeping position they prefer. All purchases come with a 100-night sleep trial and Helix ship their mattresses to all states for free. 

The Leesa Original

Type: Foam mattress

Firmness: 5/10 (medium)

Key Features: The Leesa is an excellent memory foam mattress with medium firmness and a conforming construction offering balance between comfort and support for an excellent price. 

Best For:

  • Side-sleepers
  • People weighing 230lbs or less
  • People with back, joint or hip pain

The Leesa mattress is a simple, traditional mattress with dense memory foam and high-quality construction, making it one of the most popular memory foam mattresses out there. 

The mattress is made from three layers of a simple foam construction. The first two layers go from the top to the center of the mattress and are constructed from equal parts polyfoam and memory foam, allowing them to conform to the position and body shape of the sleeper to provide a great deal of support and comfort. At the core of the mattress, the layer is made from high-density memory foam which provides support across the entire surface of the bed. 

When it comes to motion isolation, the Leesa mattress is a great choice, making it the perfect option for couples. Although it is a little softer compared to some similar mattresses, it does have a firmness rating of 5 out of 10, making it ideal for back or side sleepers. 

It is available at a very reasonable price compared with competing options and comes with a ten-year warranty and free delivery in the US. 

The DreamCloud Mattress

Type: Hybrid mattress

Firmness: 6/10 (medium-firm)

Key Features: This is a luxury mattress with a soft quilted topper. The hybrid construction offers excellent support and it comes with a year-long sleep trial.  

Best For:

  • Any sleeping position
  • Sleepers weighing over 230lbs
  • Sleepers who overheat
  • Anyone looking for great value

This luxury hybrid mattress offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. The thick, pillowy quilted surface makes the DreamCloud quite a tall mattress, and the firmness is rated at six out of ten. 

The cover of the DreamCloud is made from a poly-blend cashmere material which feels very decadent. It comes with a polyfoam top layer that offers comfort and bounciness to the breathable surface, allowing you to stay cool even on warm nights. There’s a layer of memory foam underneath the topper which is followed by another layer of dense polyfoam containing eight inches of wrapped coils at the mattress’ core. 

The mattress is designed to prevent sleepers from getting the sinking sensation that can be quite common with memory foam mattresses. It is constructed to balance firm support while also conforming to the body shape, making it especially useful for side sleepers who benefit from the pressure relief on the hips and lower back. 

Despite being a luxury mattress, the DreamCloud is quite affordable. It also comes with a sleep trial for an entire year and a lifetime limited warranty. 

The Nolah Original

Type: Foam mattress

Firmness: 5/10 (medium)

Key Features: Nolah is an ideal brand to support if you want to help charitable causes, since every mattress order comes with a donation to wildlife preservation charities. The mattress itself provides a huge amount of support and excellent motion isolation. 

Best For:

  • People who want a responsive foam mattress
  • People who weigh under 130lbs
  • People suffering from joint pain
  • Couples

The Nolah Original mattress has a medium firmness rating of 5/10. It comes with a thick polyfoam comfort layer on the top two inches of the mattress offering both support and responsiveness. While polyfoam might not offer the same cradling feeling as you’d get from memory foam, it offers a lot of comfort and pressure relief on the hips and back. 

This mattress is constructed in a way that allows it to absorb and isolate motion better than many similar alternatives, which makes it an ideal choice for couples. It’s also very quiet at night due to the all-foam construction and the mattress has excellent edge support, with support distributed well across the mattress surface. 

The Nolah Original is priced competitively and comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial. Free shipping is available in the US.

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